Sunday, November 25, 2007

can babies have clothes?

i showed our kids the pic. of belinda's new baby sarah, and megan asked if the babies come out of the mommies tummies with clothes on already, or if you buy them when you buy them at the hospital. i told her that sadly no, they don't come clothed, but they come out with nothing at all, and that God gives us the babies, not the hospitals. she was quite perplexed by the whole situation, she still asks if we would buy her a baby sister- of course the boys scream no, but what do expect! i told to keep praying and maybe one day God would answer her prayer-just not too soon i hope:)


The DeGarmos said...

hey im right there with you no more babies please

irishka korotishka said...

kids ask the cutest questions!!! megan is precious!!!

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