Friday, October 24, 2008


Hello to all! Fall is here and I'm loving it! I love the colors and the crisp air and the kids begging to rake the yard so they can jump into the leaves! My heart couldn't bring itself to say no, so they raked quite a big area so they could have a good pile to jump into! I love watching them run across the yard and then stopping to jump in. It's so funny! Jim had the day off yesterday from all of his jobs, so we slept in and took it easy, went to WALMART, (who doesn't go to Walmart on their day off:)), and took the kiddos to the park. It was fun, the kids loved it, the parks people had raked a giant pile of leaves together, of course they couldn't resist! We also did some football and some tag! James tagged the pavement thanks to Daddy, and so did Daddy's phone! James got a good scape on his arm, but cheered up once he realized it was a good for bragging rights like Daddy's knee. His phone was a little scraped, but no damage to bad-everything works. Which is good because the insurance wouldn't cover this. We had fun, it was very needed. James did scream loud enough for all of Spokane to hear, but that's okay. Fall is beautiful! Enjoy it while it lasts! The kids sure did:)

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