Friday, October 31, 2008

Just a blurb!

I just wanted to put a blurb in really quick. I feel like all that I say lately is, things have been a bit crazy here. Which is true, but really not all that bad.I uploaded a new cartoon to show just how it's been-I think I've lost the few brain cells that I had:) I think it's funny that before I was a parent I had this all figured out and now I know I truly had no clue. I read in my Devotions today about joy and showing your kids how to be joyful and I wondered in all of this craziness of life when have I showed these little ones any joy. For instance, I had to catch myself tonight while I was getting them ready for trick or treat; they've been so excited for a month that's all they talk about-them and Daddy for the night. Today was wacky as you can imagine.Is it time yet, when will Daddy be home, are my friends going to be at church tonight-I found myself snapping and saying just shush and sit on the couch until I call you to get ready. Well that has joy written all over it doesn't it-I had to step back and remember that children will act like children and that I should lighten up and share in the joys of childhood. I don't know everything, but if I can remember the small thins the Lord points out once in awhile, maybe we can have some joy! Amazing how we know everything before children and what supermoms we were!


The DeGarmos said...

Very true! Cute background someday when I find a moment when I'm not running errands or doing the laundry or dishes I am going to update my blog.

Leslie said...

well, working on the computer for me is more of way to relieve stress-i have to take time to be calm and collect my thoughts and ect. find some joy!

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