Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's well, now going into March...

Well as we begin into March, I thought I'd swing by and give a quick hey to everyone! The quarter is wrapping up soon and I love school-now that I've figured a few things out! 1. Staying up late and then trying to leave by six am never ever works. 2. Always prepare the night before for anything that needs to be done before you leave. 3.Don't think I'll do it later will come around, it never does! But it's been good and I'm doing well in both classes! Couldn't be happier in school! It has greatly pushed along my writing skills and I finally fill as to have an outlet for my writing!

Jim is doing better and is going back to work full-time again. Which is good- it wasn't bad having him home, just better that he works:) and that's all I'll say on that. Least anyone thinks wrong of me-(you certainly have never waited on someone hand and foot for leangthy amounts of time:)) He totally is ready to go back-hates waiting around to do nothing(he had to stay off his leg for several weeks), and he also realized that even though Direct TV has loads of channels, there's nothing ever on-so why do we pay for it?:PWe are getting ever more anxious to move however, and can't wait until May when we leave to go find our house! Jim has also been filling out Applications with the government to find a job; we also have begun applying for schools for the kiddos too. Please pray that all goes well with these things. The Lord knows where we need to be and want to be making the right decisions with his grace-We're so excited!

Ethan also turned Five this month, and we went to Chuck E Cheeses for his birthday, he had lots of fun with his friends and played lots. He also slept well that night too! I'll try to get photos up this week. With all the birthday money and the gift card from my dad, we were able to get him a new bike today at walmat and only pay 20 bucks out of pocket- can't beat that! He was thrilled of course and has long out grown his trike! My baby is indeed a big boy! I loved seeing the pride on his face when he petaled and made it a few feet on his own! The other two are doing well still plugging away in school and pretty good. I need to fix Megan's glasses, they seemed to have gotten bent, when I asked, she gave me a blank stare and said I don't know! Everyday they amaze me with their thoughts and ideas and I wonder how they will ever make it-but by God's grace and some guidance.

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