Sunday, February 15, 2009

Starting Anew~

Well, It's a A New Year!
I can't believe how behind I am already after it only being Feburary! Well, now that it is Feburary, I though I'd do some posting!
Well, let's start at the top. In Janurary, I started college! I'm now a Freshman at Eastern Washington University! I love it and Jim is thrilled I'm doing somethin that I love. I'm doing okay for grade-I didn't realize how busy I'd become with the family and everything else, but we're doing pretty good! Im taking English, and now loing Government too! We'll see where I go from here, but I'm a writer and I love American Government- maybe this is good! I never thought I'd be dropping my kids off at school only for me to turn around and go to school-actually my mom drops them off. Ethan stays with Grandpa while I'm gone, but I'm back by lunch time so it's not long at all. Grnadpa and Ethan have fun and he never wantes to come home. So we've been a bit busy.
All of our pretty snow is now gone, only littl frozen chunks are left and it cold, then melty, then foggy-Alska break up wothout warm temps that stay above freezing-ick. I liked the mounds of snow better.
Megan now has glasses, and is improving on her school work now-we all have been sick off and on and Jim just hurt his leg and was out of work for a week, but it's healing and we'll be compensated for his lost wages. He was hurt on someones property-they didn't secure a manhole properly, and it looked secured. So when a man that's 6ft 3in steps on it, it flipped and hit him in the leggs making him go down. Nothing thankfully was broken, just badly brusied. He can try and go back to work on Tuesday. Yeah! Sometimes men are worse patients than children:)
We ened up canceling our out of town Ann. this year because I became horribly ill with strep and the flu-got to take steroids legally though-that was interesting! So, he took me to Clinkerdaggers, and we stayed a night at the Davenport! It was nice, and nice to not have children for a night-even though I dearly love, sometimes I just want to run in the opposite direction! Bad I know-
We had Valentines Dinner tonight-it was fun. I babysat for a girlfriend so that her husband could have a night out-she keeps Megan quite a bit and our kiddos love playing together! It was fun, and Jim even got to be off tonight due to his leg! We pretended that our spaghetti dinner was actually Olive Garden, and we did make up and nails -a night at the Spa we said and made kisses cookies and now I'm tired! But it was fun and well all even got sparkling cider!
Love to all, and I hope to post again soon!

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