Friday, July 24, 2009

Funny note to all moms...

Ok, so I wanted to let you know this before I forgot. At one point in time our kiddos say funny things, well yesterday was the day for me. I took the kiddos to Wal-Mart and Target and we walked around several times in each store, looking and finding and comparing prices. Well, By the time we got done looking, and got to the groceries at Target, yes Target:), my kiddos laid there heads on my waist while I was looking at something and asked me this, "Mom have you ran out of gas yet?" I about died and looked at them with a crazy look. (As we are trying to install manners at the table, that's something quite inappropriate to me, and even more inappropriate in a store!) They continued,"We're so tired and our legs are going to fall off..." In a very whinny tone. I about died! It was so funny, I plum wore them out walking around. So, I made up for it and we got ice cream and cones and we made tacos for dinner. It was a small prize for using up all there "gas" but fun non the less! That was our fun blurb for the week, I've never been asked that before, so goes to show there's more than one use for a word at any given time!

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