Friday, August 7, 2009

Day off with Daddy!

Hey to all! Here is some new pics of the kiddos-we took an afternoon and went to a state park done the road from us in Woodbridge, maybe it's Newport, I'm not sure. I found it thanks to a lady I met at ikea when I dropped the kiddos off to play. She told us about it, and we got to go this week when James had a day off. It was fun!!! There was no swimming due to all the boating and the fact it's a river and yadda yadda...But we got our feet wet and made castles and found shells, raced up and down the little beach area, and threw the football; then we realized we're really out of shape and old! The kiddos loved it and saw plenty of boats and people fishing! We also had a play date with the Ethan's new teacher and future classmates! It was fun- alot bugs flying around, but met some others moms and the kiddos were thrilled to see people their age again! I can't believe school is three weeks away already- time is going by fast- can't wait to see what we do next week!

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