Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We survived the First Day!

We did survive the first day of school! I cannot believe I'm now old enough to have two children in school! James is now in first, and Megan in K-5! When we got back from taking them to school we where so amazed at how quite it was! Ethan misses them, but loved having us all to himself! I curled Megan's hair last night and it turned out really cute, and she was all about having everyone check out here new outfit! Quite the diva! Which of course she Will get over quickly! James of course was proud of his new "Flag" backpack; it better last for a few more years Jim said-it was a Jansport from Penny's. But totally James, everything is about America and Marines and Army Men! So of course he got the camio lunch bag to go with it! It was a good day, sad, but I mad it with out crying this time; felt a little empty at home, but I can't wait to get started on some projects that I have planned! I even got to take a long enough shower to shave my legs this afternoon! I'm working on getting updated photos up, things have been crazy leading up to school, so bare with me!

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