Saturday, September 1, 2007

Well Hello!

We made it through the first week of school! Nothing too serious to come up, and they're still alive! However, Jim started his LSAT Prep class today, and did pretty well. They go through the test - of course not the actual test- but a mock up, and help them to better prepare for it-Jim's score was a 160, most got in the 140s-50s, which is pretty average-180 is the best. Jim is killing himself for not getting his target goal of 170. I was trying to comfort him in the fact that there's several more weeks to practice and he does many at home already. They say you will test a bout 5 points under what you practice, his goal is a 175 so pray for him- no pressure or anything-of course. I know he'll do just fine if he'll allow himself to breathe.His LSAT test is at the end of the month. He already has received two letters requesting him to apply to different law school;-schools are good at marketing these days-we only want to go where the Lord leads, but Jim still feels as if DC is where the lord wants us. We all had a good day today, we were able to enjoy a day out with a friends birthday party for her two beautiful children! My how quickly these little blessing grow! Thanx Amy for the invite! It was alot of fun!!!! My son yesterday while driving in the car, during of course the "storm" , saw a fireman and emt crews responding to what looked like an elderly victim; {nothing to do with the thunderstorm we recieved}non-life threatening-as they where moving rather slowly back to the ambulance-at least we hope:)-anyways, he told me that he was then going to be a fireman. Which is fine, but asked him, what about the Marines- he's pledged this since he was 4- he then told me, " Mother, I appreciate all of your help in what I'm doing, but I think I know what I'll do when I grow up."I about died, so, I said okay, what about what the Lord wants you to do? His reply," well of course mom." Like I didn't know that already or something. Since when he did he get so smart, I know I had nothing to do with this-:) He wasn't snotty-please don't get me wrong, but it's like, dah mom hello. Very funny to see how grown up he was so seriously trying to be. I so wish they didn't grow so fast! But this year at the men and boys camp out he talked to daddy and got saved! We're so excited for that! We're working on talking with them for so long, and now we want to make sure he understands and we're just taking it one day at a time, Megan is still getting it a little mixed up, but we're still praying for them all. Anyways, we made it the first week! We're going to the lake on Monday, prayerfully it won't rain!

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