Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ethan's First Patch Preformance ...Hummmm....

Sunday was Ethan's 1st time singing in Patch Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I'm just a little excited!!! I'm so proud! What a goof though! God has been so good and given us such a good boy in him, we are truly blessed! He's really good at home, hardly ever gets in trouble-until his siblings come home! Then it's WW3 many times! It's getting warmer outside and that's helping a lot! Ethan is the perfect one to have at home now, and he lets me get so much done. I fill at times as if I take advantage of that; many times I get so busy, I don't stop to do little things with him. He's my bud, and we have lots of "dates" like daddy in the afternoon-of course I get to pay for it:)!

Today in my devotions I was reading devotional, then I try to read a chapter in Proverbs. I started over, and now I got to read chapter 2 today. The first five verses deal with asking for knowledge and understanding. I always pray that the Lord will give me knowledge and wisdom, to understand. Then something occurred to me in verse two. ..incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding; If I ask the Lord everyday for wisdom and knowledge, why don't I just apply what He has already shown me through His word. The Lord has given us the best Pastor in the world, and a godly Pastor's wife, who have taught us , and given us bountiful opportunities to learn from God's Word. I have also had the opportunity to grow up in Christian home my entire life, why don't I apply the wisdom that has been bestowed upon me already to my heart and then maybe I'll be able to understand; to be more of a godly mother and wife. We have a wealth of wisdom at fingertips everyday through God's Word, and access to someone with understanding beyond our years, why don't we apply that to our lives, before asking for more. It's like someone smacked me up side the head this morning-hello. Now, I counsel with my husband first, before ever going to someone else, but, I wonder, if I ever truly apply my heart to understanding; or, do I think that's great, and hurry home and forget within a few weeks of listening and never understand why I don't have knowledge.
Yes, I know, some of you might think, this is a little deep for me, but I do think every once in awhile. Actually, I think like this quite a bit, but never really speak it that much. It just kinda hit me upside the head this morning. I'm sure none of you ever ever feel this way, but sometimes I wonder if I dwell on the things of the Lord enough, or enough to get by...Hummm...

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