Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Date night!

Well, after being gone for almost two weeks, the kids really needed some family time, and us too! So daddy took everyone on a "date", they think they're really special to go on a date with daddy. It's a big deal in our house! So daddy got they're tickets for reading, and we went to Pizza Hut. We split a pasta dish, and was it good! They were thrilled, and loved it, it was quite the night. They always want to go on a date with dad-I think it's wonderful! I'm so glad God gave me a man who loves to do things with kids, even though he has so many demands on his time. I know some may think that sounds ridiculous, that a father should always have time for their kids. But when you have to do things for the family, you have to make sacrifices, and they understand. It's not always ideal, but, he always tries to do something special with them. Other than dates, their favorite things are, story time, and Smallville time! Now I have to fight em for my date nights!

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Cheesecakeluvrs4life said...

Look like ya'll had fun! Glad you are getting over being sick..Tyler just got sick from Megan...but doing better now.

Georgetown! Cool!! My babies were both born at Georgetown University Hospital! I loved it!! So, I'm dying to know what church!!=)Did you get to go to the Moyes church in Georgetown? They started it a couple of years ago. They are from our church! Mrs. Moye is so sweet too! We lived underneath of them for two years.

I will keep in touch!!=) It'll be fun!

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