Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And the winner is....

And the winner is.......Georgetown!!!
Jim decided on Georgetown for a Law School! It's been very hard to choose. We couldn't decide on this one or George Washington. It's been difficult, but praise the Lord, we did pick! Jim is so excited and so am I! They have a beautiful campus and the faculty is great-the faculty at the other one was great too-hence the hard choice. Georgetown is ranked higher-but we both loved the people at both-that's what made it hard.We're so excited! It was the first school we heard back from, and it was the first to grant a deferral too; for those who don't know, we are taking a year off. We need to recoup before we get into crazy all over again! The programs are good, lots of chances to as busy as you want too, which kinda scares me, but that's okay. It's not to far from Union Station I believe, name might be different, but it's a major hub; it's also not far from the Capitol. They do alot with the Supreme Court too, which my husband loves! So, there it is, he is going to Georgetown, -it was my favorite too!

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Larry&Belinda said...

I think thats GREAT! How exciting. So what are the schools for the kids like? Will they be going to public or private school? What church will yall be going to? I heard there are some good ones there just not sure how close they are to the college! Sorry for all the questions .. i like the little details too:)

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