Monday, April 21, 2008


Hey to all! We've been back from DC since the 3rd; however, I've been sick pretty much the whole time. One or two days have been okay, but mainly pretty rough. So, sorry it's been so long. We did go to DC for the purpose of deciding on a law school. Well, we loved both, and I wonder if it made it a little harder to decide. DC was beautiful, the cherry blossoms were out, and it was everything and more people had told us about. We did a little sight seeing, Jim saw the Declaration. We found my Uncle Bob,on my Dad's side, on the Wall. I never knew him obviously, but I cry just the same every time. My dad was very young when he died, and only has his boyhood memories left, my grandmother still misses him and it's still hard to talk about. He was her first, and loved him, grandpa loved him as his own. He also had one from another marriage, and then they had two more together. They met in Austria during the War, and man, were they good looking! Bob was from grandma's first marriage. Her first husband died in the war. Each time I'm there, I visit him there. Each time I go to DC, I fill more and more at home. We also visited some wonderful churches and schools, we're praying that God will give us wisdom while we decide on them. We can't wait to get there, but are looking forward to having some time off too! We're both very burned out, but we're determined to finish out strong! He's only got 7 wks left I think. Jim also spoiled me and took me to Mt. Vernon for my birthday dinner. It was amazing, and he treated me well! Very romantic. We also took a quick emergency visit to Ft.Bragg NC, where my grandparents are retired. My grandmother was in ICU, then moved to a room. She was very swollen and it didn't look good. She is now going to have to do dialysis. My Aunt has been doing a great job taking care of them, and going to school. The mistake we made was leaving DC after 4pm, it took 4 hrs to Richmond. I about died. We still had a long way to go, we got in about 11:30/midnight. I did get to see them again, and realized how much they aged; you always remember your grandparents how they were when you're younger. At least I do, because of growing up in the military. I took for granted that they'd always be there. It was bitter sweet. We had to leave again the next afternoon, around 3pm. It didn't take as long to get back this time. Maybe 5hrs total. We also had to make good time too. We'd stay longer, but part of the point of going back was visiting churches. But, I got to see them one more time. It was a busy week for us there in DC, but a good one! Love to all, and enjoy the picks!

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