Monday, November 10, 2008


Pumpkins, Pumpkins, and Pumpkins! We carved Pumpkins! Actually, Jim carved pumpkins and watched and waited and finally the kids got bored and watched cartoons! Daddy didn't mind, actually preferred not having people huvering over him! James no surprise to us, got a scull and bones, and Megan wanted a Happy one, and Ethan wanted a scary face! They all got what the wanted, and Daddy's hand was very tired by the end of the night. He ended up breaking one of the knives and switching to his leatherman {Winchester} utility tool. Much easier! The kids loved it and it was very cute! Hip Hip hooray for Daddy! Unfortunately, when we pulled up to the house on Halloween, the teenage boys in our yard were smashing the pumpkins. The kids of course were devastated, we laughed, knowing we had done the same growing up, and of course they took off really fast when they saw my husband. We enjoyed them for the few days we had them; at least the where nice enough to put my candles back on the porch for me before they ran off. Took Ethan's little night light {too small for a candle}, don't know if I should be thankful-at least they didn't burn the house down!:) Teenagers! Gotta love them! Jim did say he was sticking to faces next year, alot of work to get smashed:)

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