Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterns Day

Today as many of you know was Veteran's Day! I love how this Country takes a side a day out of the year to show appreciation to the men and woman who have so generously served in wars and say thank you. It doesn't seem that one day is enough to say a thank you which never seems be strong enough to show the choked up emotion that we feel. And yet, why is it only one day that say, do we even take the time in our day to day lives to say thank you or offer to be of assistance to the eldery couple in the WalMart just trying to reach for something while passing by. I try to, when I see the hats that the men wear showing their pride in their service to say thank you; but it never seems enough. I think my generation has lost the gratitude of those who have gone on before. War has become political, it's about sides and opinions; a weapon of it's own to drive fear into the hearts of the people. If you don't support the war, you're a terrorist, but if you're against, you don't support our troops. Gone are days when our men risked their lives because inmate danger. When did America become the policeman of the world? That's not our job as a country and a leader; when was the last war declared by Congress? Not at the bidding of a President; as meaningful as it may seem. We are the strongest country in the world, we don't need a war in most cases to accomplish what some may think is necessary. Why do politicians wage their own private wars and deem what they think is best for the people? When did politicians decide what was to be a war and not a Congress. In all this political gibberish, when did we once consider the Veteran, who many times have gone and redeployed many times over again and say thank you. Helped their families while they were away and shook the hands because of where they have been and what they have seen. Some of us would never have the backbone to do what many have been asked to do and yet they so willingly did because they were told. Their nightmares wake them and some never speak of their experiences ever.
My Papaw, a Vietnam Veteran has never spoke of the war and never will. He was the nurse sewing everyone up and saw upfront the causalities of it all. My Uncle Bob never came home from Vietnam; the closest I've ever been to meeting him was at The Wall in DC. I've seen pictures at my Grandparents, but this was far more real. My Grandpa on my father's side was a WW 2 Veteran and a Korean War Veteran, he got out before the could send him to Vietnam. I think that's how the story goes. He met my Grandmother there in Austria and now they live happily in KY. The older I get the more grateful I become, and feel as I owe them a debt of gratitude which I can never repay. How about we put aside for more than just a day, a gratitude for those who serve our country now, past and future. Shake a hand the next time you see one of those couples in the store wearing their hats with pride showing their ship or sub; or the next Guardsman you see who will inevitably be called up, it's just when. My children think all of the military are"army guys" and are thrilled when ever they see them! Why don't we show the same excitement ourselves! With all of the business of life, I hope all of you took sometime time today to say a small prayer of thanks and shook a hand with love!
I'm so proud of my military upbringing and my Grandfathers who did their jobs and served my Country! I love you both!

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