Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's been a few weeks...

I know, I know, I said I'd stay on this and well, life has gotten in the way again...and oh, facebook.
Life is always full of surprises and well mine is no different. As we enter the Holiday Season, barely done with Thanksgiving and it's already Christmas, then New Years, and then Valentines, then Easter, and then school is out, and then 4th of July and that's when it hit me. Exactly six months from this past Monday{15th}, we'll be leaving Spokane, and begin our trek across the country! Time has flown, the year we took off to "relax" has been one of the busiest years - and I can't believe it's only six months until moving day. I hope in all of our Holiday rushing's around and parties and fun we cherish what the Holiday Season is about. Christ the Lord was born and came to save us and provide away for us to spend an eternity with Him! He has given us life, and joys, He is there for us in all our needs. This is my last year around my family-and Jim's too. My Grandparents will be a day's drive at most in either direction; but no more Mom around the corner or Grandpa and Grandma next door-Praise the Lord He is there for us and is our family when we have none. I'm not saying we won't have new friends and won't ever see family-but I'm so glad I have the Lord this Holiday Season and what He's done our lives is nothing short of a miracle! He has blessed us in so many ways, I'm ever so grateful! May the Lord richly bless you this Holiday Season and give joy and peace within!
Pictures and more posts to follow eventualy:)

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