Thursday, May 7, 2009

The New House~

Ok, Let's Start with-
I'm going to be very spoiled:) We are the end of the road-so unless you live there no one will be driving down the street-so the children are free to ride their bikes! Praise the Lord!The people are used to watching for our landlord's children-so I'm not worried. The neighbors to the left have children who are grown and nearly gone, with one at home who is a cop-I like that- quite a few of retired people and the neighbors to the left are two Hispanic families whose children are really sweet. The house is surrounded by labs as well- so Stryder will be in good company. It's very quite and backs to the wood- not many bugs or snakes-praise the Lord; just some mosquitoes and some garden snakes-the kids will love that!
Let's start with the tour-
When you walk up it's really cute:) No garage, but with the curb-you can put three cars at the house. You walk in and see the main living area- lv rm, dn rm, and kitchen. The french doors lead to the deck and almost half acre back yard:) Upstairs, the first door on the left is the children's bathroom, then on the right is Megan's room, I don't plan on painting that, then the boys, then our room, it has a walk in closet, vanity, and bathroom, with shower. It's bigger than it looks, but they were packing and didn't want to impose-so I only took a few pics. Then down stairs, to the left is the half bath and utility room. Under the stairs is an insulated storage crawl space- I love it- then as you walk through the family room is, a guest room on the left with a door to the outside in it. It's not super huge, but plenty of room for toys and storage finally:)I am planning on the upstairs being a the adult area, and downstairs an area for the children. So here it is, I will post more later, I'm just really tired and have so much more to do- It's going well here and we loved ad fontes for the children's school we're still praying for a job and that everything else will work out- but God dropped this beautiful house on our laps, and I'm sure He has the right job for us, so wait and see, at least this stress is gone and we can enjoy some relaxation that is much needed! Thank you to all who are helping with the children and everything else:)It's getting close to moving time, and it's so real-we've been waiting so long, now it's here! Love to all:)

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