Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Post Until DC!

Hello To all!

It's been about a month I know. Since fb I've been increasingly less of a blogger. But I won't have school for a year- so maybe I will be better at keeping up with it!

Well, The kiddos are finishing school this week and I will be done on Monday. I can't believe it's almost moving day-11 days until we pull out of Spokane! I cannot believe James will be a Law Student this fall! At Georgetown!!! It still feels dreamy- We are packing more these days and plan on being done with the house on the 13th- so not much longer! We'll be leaving on the 14th after lunch and morning church service. School has been awesome this year and I'm so sad to be leaving Eastern, it's a great campus and I've met some awesome people. My grades have been pretty good too- I did decide to double major this quarter. I've always loved pol tics and History, but I really thought the classes would be kinda boring; well they weren't and I've learned so much and can't wait to broaden my horizons even more. So when I apply to George Mason next year, it will be for government and writing! I love to write about that kind of stuff- and can't wait to get paid for it! Gotta have my Jimmy Choos and Vera Wang!! But I'm looking forward to Mason and the education it can provide!
So for now, I'm signing off and will prayerfully pick more blogging once we've settled! Enjoy the pics I've posted of the house and we'll have details to follow with addresses and numbers! Email is always the same, so feel free to drop a line!

Do pray for us as we will be driving everything across the country! We'll take about five days, and go through many many states! We do look forward to visiting friends and family along the way and having some fun. My brother Cody is coming, and my friend Laura who I've known for forever! She's going to visit her cousin in NC after we unpack and and be back with us for the Fourth of July celebrations in DC! Probably the one and only time we'll go to the Mall-we'll have two extra people to help with the kiddos!

Anyways, so long from Spokane, and can't wait to tell all about the trip!!


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