Friday, July 24, 2009


Ok, so I tried to get everything perfect the way i usually do- if you know me, you know I'll stay up till 5 am working on it; but alas in old age, and the fact my landlord is coming over in the morning- I'm posting the way it is; i will organize when i get the chance, probably tomorrow or the next day sometime. I took these on my blackberry, so no grantee about clarity. My digital camera died a painful death thanks to my five yr old. I have rolls of film to put on cd, but it's not a priority right now, so, it's down to the blackberry, or as you know, my real brain!
Hope you like the pics and get some laughs- it was a good trip and yes there are some spelling errors- but the website was totally screwed up tonight- so deal with says the soon to be writer- hence why there's spell check! Love to all!

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