Sunday, July 5, 2009

So we made it to Fireworks!

So, we made it to fireworks yesterday! We got on the first train at 7, i know you should be proud of me! (For those who don't know me well, late is my middle name!)I even got up at 5 to get everybody going-and yes it was a long day. We got a good spot and moved a few times due to things being set up on the grass, but only about 50 feet- we literally were the first of two people setting up over by the Capitol. We tried to get close to here the free concert- but they were facing the other way and the cannons got the grass by the reflecting pool, but overall it was a good spot. And for future reference-a long future reference, we don't actually have to get there until noon or at least 2 in the afternoon. The kiddos got quite bored, until we realized we could leave non valuable things and nobody messes with it! They were able to hear the Delectation being read and watch part of the parade, so they had fun with that. Laura and I did take off for a while and saw the Library of Congress with Ethan too! That's when saw we had some sun-(and yes it was partial overcast most the day- you'd think I'd learn by now and use sun block not tanning oil-lets say i look very funny and have quite the farmers tan!) Then after the Library James and I took the kiddos after awhile to the Air and Space museum and they really enjoyed that and liked seeing all of the rockets- Ethan informed me he wanted one of those white space suite they wore underneath all they're gear, and that I was only allowed to ride in the back of the rocket-"I guess" and not allowed to help fly! I love his imagination! It was nice to get out of the sun for a few hours too-but it was fun. The kids also made a friend on the Mall and look forward to meeting up with them again, sweet family, and also understand the demands of a graduate school or higher because the boy's father is working on his PHD at John's Hopkins in Baltimore! We finally got to see fireworks at 9 and they were big and beautiful! They Washington Monument was the back drop- or if you're facing the other way- you could see the Monument and the Capitol; beautiful either way. It wasn't too crazy leaving- waited a few minutes and then made the trek to the metro. That was the craziest part-it was packed like sardines! I've never seen it so full before- but it worked and we avoided stop and sit traffic in the city- and the kids slept half way once they got a seat-overall, it was great! Long, but fun and worth doing again. They're so much to see and do here on the 4th it's crazy! I can't wait for next year! I hope all of you had a wonderful 4th of July and that we all appreciate everything we have been through as a Nation and that we fight long and hard in the future to come to preserve our Country's great History! Thank you also for those who have given their lives from the Militia and Soldiers at the beginning, to those who are currently fighting for us, THANK YOU, and our love and prayers are with you and your families!
I will be putting pictures up later, my digital camera was killed by a 5 yr old, and that's not a priority currently, and i will be having our rolls put onto disk once we have a job- so be patient and I'll try to transfer some from my phone!

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