Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall is coming...

I am trying to give a few quick updates!
The kiddos as you can see have started school this month. They are attending Ad Fontes Academy, it's a classical Christian school and we love it! The people there are great and they seem to not even miss a beat. Its an adjustment with the new curriculum, but we'll get it and there's lots of chances to volunteer and get involved! The people really love the Lord and their jobs; Ethan loves Mrs O'Hara and doesn't seem to miss Mommy much, just a little! I am however trying to figure out what to do with extra time. I do begin working out this week and I've began to restart my college career. I can't wait to get that all settled-I hate not being in school this year. I am glad to have time for me, how short it is, but if I can get to bed on time and not have to get up so early, I will prayerfully begin my trek back to real self and a healthier weight-so do keep me in your prayers! Once I can stay on schedule my goal is to get a bunch of things sorted trough that is hiding in storage in soo many totes! We also joined Fairfax Baptist Temple this weak and we love it there, the people are amazing and the kiddos love it! They really seem to be getting settled. They ask every once in awhile about the Pastor in Spokane, mainly Ethan. He doesn't always get it's a permanent move. Of course knowing to guys named Pastor is confusing for a five yr old too! But when we said this is our new church they lit up and said our church and that was great! Now I feel like we're starting to settle in and get situated! I've got run, WW3 is going on upstairs and I need to check homework....I will try and get some more pics posted when I can, and hope you enjoy the ones up!

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