Thursday, October 8, 2009

A baby Blues kinda day...

Where to begin? Let's start from the top...

It's Sunday night, I check homework, watch a few funnies on FB with the kiddos, show it to my hubby, then go off to bed and slept like a baby; right? WRONG. I was awaken several times, resulting in my hubby reconciling to the couch; then I think I might get some sleep, nope. I toss and turn and really drift off about the time my alarm goes off 5ish sometime. Well, I get the cloths in the dryer, then off to get ready; well i remember getting "dressed" and turning the alarm off-not just snooze. Then, before i knew it, it was 7:15-I normally leave the house by 6:45-7am to get to school on time without stress. I only leave 20/25 mi away from the school; but here that literally means nothing. About an hour in the am, and 20/30mins home and 30/45 mins afternoons. Not too bad, but still an adjustment; not a quick run up the road. So we like an other American family ran around the house crazed and dazed!!

My Ethan then came in my room(not a morning person anyways)and said he didn't feel well. So, I said ok, and picked him up and stare to rock him thinking he'd be fine in a few after waking up-wrong. He then said mommy don't rock me my tummy. I then checked his temp., and it wasn't spiked, but he was pale and more clingy than normal so I ok'd him to stay home. I could tell he wasn't him; so i tregged the kiddos to school and came home to my guy. We read books, talked to Grammy and then he slept most all day. He did drink his Gatorade a little, but seemed ok, not too horrible. We then got sprite and where a few minutes early to school-in fact made it to the first for pick-up zones. Well, i then heard mommy my tummy-not good. I then pulled over and threw my truck park and ran him. Only to realize he went pooh in my hand as i carried him in. He completed his business and i found a bag for his underwear's, and then scrubbed the shorts enough to wear them home- and very thoroughly scrubbed down my hands and the sink area.

If that wasn't enough, then as I'm merging on the Parkway, yet another hwy in the area; Ethan is nowing throwing up in the back. Being the prepared Mommy I am, I grabbed a plastic bag before we left-so we're good right? No, my kiddos then begin screaming, it has holes in it mommy, then James yells at me, you're going to crash. Well there was a smi full of something in right on my side-which i knew about little to my sons surprise. So I threw back some wipees and thought we were out of trouble- no. I then attempted to call my mom on the road really quick before getting to Safeway to get an idea of what she used on us when we were kiddos. Well, I glanced down and then up and realized my brakes work great-as I slammed down on them due to the buck on the side deciding to come right on over-I laid on my horn and he darted the other way. Praise the Lord nothing else happened! Deer here are like moose in Alaska-at least you could see moose- not like these stupid deer! Well I talk safely with my mother without further incident.

Then run into Safeway really quickly to grab a few things; I grew up in a time when you got a key in elementary school and you're good. So I lockedthe doors, cracked the windows, and showed James what to do if he needed 911 for an emergency-not him and Megan fighting-you can only imagine the images in my mind of cops out there stopping a fight between them and then cuffing me:) They don't seem so crazy about things like that here in VA. And with Ethan sicko on both ends I wasn't about to bring him in or move him at all. Think what you like, but I think we tend to over react to things now days and take things a little out of context and forget that our parents did the same with us-minus the cell phones. Anyways, I get back like 10 mins. later and James said I had to go but you said I couldn't leave. Again, bodily fluids? Really-is God punishing me for some reason or having a good laugh at my expense?

Not to mention, that while i was walking through Safeway with my satchel draped over the front of me, I was yet missing something in wardrobe. Does it get any worse than this-I'm already wind blown, pooped on, vomited on my car, make-up less, and now droopy. Why. Why me? I swear if my brain-assuming that there is one in there, wasn't attached to me physically, I would up and leave without it or forget that it's even there. Oh if there ever was a day when I lived the life of a comic, it's today. I love my life, and my family, but sometimes, it's just not glamorous being a parent, and it just plain stinks! However, maybe next time I'll feel better if I'm wearing my heels-at least I'd look better! Now I'm off to scrub my house and bathe the children-Ethan has been sleeping since we've been home on that note-do pray he heels quickly- he had a whole day planned with daddy on Saturday-not sure if that's going to happen. I've even cancelled my trip to NC at the request of my-can't blame her!! To all those who think they had a bad day-please read this-you could be me today!


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