Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Intresting thoughts of kiddos...

Ok, so on the way home from church Sunday my son James (8 going on 9) had an interesting question for us...

Just love it when these come up, shows interesting insight to their little minds! James asked if we could get a disco ball for our house. You know, so we can dance, and have fun, and have a party! We just looked at each other and laughed and then tried to answer the question. The song on the radio was playing Fireflies and it did mention the disco ball-he already know what it was though. So we then said no, it doesn't really match our decor, well he then proceeded to say it could go in the play room and that would be fine with him. Again, we said no, and that that wasn't something you really kept at home, although I'm sure there are plenty who do. However we explained that they're usually kept in the clubs for people to dance with, and that one day when he is older, he'll probably get to dance to one in a club. He was reassured, and was finally ok with not getting one for our house. I mean-it would so be totally cool according to my daughter! Could you imagine a disco ball at your place? Don't you love how they think-just fun and simple like lots of little lights shinning on them while they had fun jumping, I mean dancing around! So if you come to our house and see a disco ball you know our kiddos had something to do with it! Sadly, my James doesn't break a move like Travolta, but somebody had to love him!
(above our playroom-den, do you think a disco ball would be great? this is new years night we had a party-two moms off to side)

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