Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's A New Year!

Well Hello To All!
I cannot believe it's already a New Year! Time has flown! I am excited for the New year!

First I'll do some catching up. We had a wonderful Christmas thanks to all of the Grandmas and Grandpas! A BIG THANK YOU to all of you! We got a wii for a family present for everyone!Little did we know that all of our friends did so as well! Must have been on everyones mind I guess! We had an amazing day at home with the kiddos, presents, playing, and eating! We had a wonderful turkey diner with Cesar Salad and some veggies! We made cookies the night before and did mochatinis and had some fun with sprinkle fights! Daddy stayed up that night wrapping and cleaning for me and Christmas day was awesome! We had beautiful white snow too! I was so thrilled it stuck around! We were truly blessed! I don't think the kiddos have come out of their new jammies since then!
This weekend we spent getting ready for company last night! I had a New Years party and had friends over with their kiddos! It was loud! I'm so glad we have a play room!!! The grown ups had a great night fellowship, laughter and conversation! Great for the soul! We've been working a lot, and it was great to see new friends and have old friends too! Several AFA families came and the Franklins came too! Megan loves their girls! It went well, nobody got hurt, and everyone seemed to have fun and we had tons of yummy food! The only thing was that I had Meg sit on her bed for a 5 min time-out for disobeying. Well, the Franklins were getting ready to leave and the girls asked if they could say goodbye. I thought they were playing and she said Megan was up on her bed crying. My heart feel to the pit of my stomach...I left my poor girl up there at least a half an hour...She was sobbing too, she never cries like that, she's more of a whiner, overly dramatic. I felt so bad, she was all red and black eyelashes soaked and just sitting there. I asked her why she didn't come and ask to get up, and she replied I didn't want to disobey...sure just drive the knife further in! So the Peters stayed a few more minutes to soften the blow. Talk about horrible....she was fine today and we will have other playdates! Oops...

Well, it's a New Year, and we have lots to look forward too! I know every year people make New Years Resolutions but I am making an old resolution. I want to do so much more this year than last. It's my last yr before my 30s-can you believe it!! I want to change some, grow some, and learn some. James and I have goals on becoming more fit and healthy. I have been wanting to change for so long, and started before we left Spokane. However, the adjustment here was quite different, somewhat stressful. Now that I know what I'm dealing with, I have a different perspective of doing things. I also want to grow more spiritually and find where I'm supposed to be in my walk with God. We have a great church and can't wait to get more settled in! I also want to go back to school this fall and work on my education! I have missed being in school and can't wait to finish what I've started! I want to set a goal each month and meet it! I think that will work better than some lofty goal somewhere floating! My other resolution is to learn to be more kind. I have a very tough love personality, and would like to show my children to be more sensitive about some things.
So as we begin this New Year, I am excited and looking forward to what God has in store for us! I am also thrilled that school starts Monday! I'm so not a full-time mom, and praise the Lord everyday for Christian School! I say that with all the love in my body!!
I hope that you have a wonderful New Year! Will get new photos soon!

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