Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Laugh for All!

I have a laugh for all!
As of late, my husband and I have put on some weight. And the real push came when we got on the scale just before Christmas. According to the scale, it seems as if had gained some 15-20lbs. I about died-and that was it for me. I was already feeling very swollen from all the salt and sodium, and didn't like to be in pictures anymore, a sure sign of needing change! However, I was still taken back by the scale. So, we've been working hard at changing our life style as a pose of dieting. Last winter I made some huge progress while at Eastern because of an awesome trainer and daily routine. Since the move and out of a daily workout routine, my firmed muscles and weight loss came to a screeching halt. James' new job at America is very different from Sawtooth in so many ways, one of which is less walking! He doesn't do so much running and such in the restaurant thus making him less active as well! So along with stress, lack of exercise, and juggling act of all the things going, we've lost our way. So we decided to just take small steps to change our lives and to be so overwhelmed by it all! We've been just cutting out soda, sodium, and processed foods; we've also Incorporated walking and other exercising!
So, last night, I was exercising on the wii fit and decided to use my mii instead of the guest. When it came time for weighing, I about fell off. It was considerably less than what my scale had been saying. I knew I lost 3-4lbs this last week or so but shocked to find out that according to the wii I was around 5-8 lighter than before! Which would be great- but I didn't notice that much change. I couldn't believe what it said. I was excited and then realized it was probably more accurate than my scale-seeing as it had been dropped and had to have the dial moved back to where it belonged since we've moved. I didn't think we gained that much-all of our clothes still fit, a little tight, but didn't need to by anything bigger. So I was a bit relieved to learn we had to get a new scale and that it was far off!
So needless to say-I love my wii and am so glad that we are able to get rid of our scale! We are now greatly encouraged and have a much more realistic goal ahead! Can you imagine what it feels like to get on a scale after maintaining a certain weight for so long, you get on a scale to only realize that you've gained nearly 15-20 lbs! Then find out it as maybe 10 or so. Not good by far, but better than the previous fear. We had a great laugh last night and breathed a sigh of relief. However, something good did come out of it, we did get just the push off the cliff we needed, and we are now excited about the new approach we have on lives and what's truly important to us!
We love being active and being outdoors-both of which has been hindered the last several years in getting caught up in the ease and laziness of "being busy". We look forward to being able to keep up with the kiddos and doing more things together and actually happy with ourselves!
So please have a laugh with us and double check your scales!

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