Monday, January 18, 2010

What will we do to make a diffrence?

Hello to those of you who check our blog...

With all the world looking on Haiti, our hearts break for what lies ahead, and the future of such a needy people. As a mother, I want to just scoop up those children and love them and tell them it will be ok; to hold a grieving mother as she breaks, to aide in anyway I can...
It seems that no matter how much we'll give, it'll never be enough, no matter how much we do, more still has to be done. It'll take years for this country to even get to back to working at half of what they were doing before. Haiti will never be the same again. After the media moves on, and the public has another crisis to worry about, who will be there helping those left behind? Who will be still rebuilding or even just clearing away the debris? How many have stayed behind in Shari Lenka, New Orleans, the Gulf, and helped rebuild? Americans are the most giving people I know of, we are blessed with a wealth most country's only dream of-even the poorest of us are far better living conditions than those of elsewhere...

I wonder how many Soldiers have died or been injured this week in Afghanistan and Iraq? What is being passed right now in Congress? Who is running in special elections?
I find myself so caught up in so many different things and the media jumps around from one thing to next, and rarely hitting on things that relevant in my own life at times. I don't hate the media-I hope to be writing for someone after college from the comfort of my home while dealing with carpool and field-trips at the same time.
It wasn't long ago the hot topic was AIDS, MS, Cancer, Diabetes, going green, smoking, the ozone, it just changes from year to year, with not always getting all the facts or in some cases getting celebrity attention that others do not. I'm excited that some people are making a difference and doing what they can.

What is my point? This, get involved in something you believe in-that's outside of you comfort zone! Give to the relief fund, if you can't pray that others may and that help will be able to get much accomplished where you can't be! Know your Local, State, and Federal politics! Get involved in something you believe in. Who is your mayor? Who is your Congressman/woman? Who's your Senator? Are they up for re-election? Is it even someone you can support or is there someone going to run that you can do volunteer work for? Can you name the Justices of the Supreme Court, and do you know how they are appointed? What's on there docket and how will their decisions affect you in your daily lives? Can you help out in your county elections? What is something you can contribute to you local society? How often do we wish for change and yet not seek to help lift a finger for that change? Have you even glanced through the Health Care Bill trying to be passed-you can actually view it! Then say yea or nay to it. Have you even been informed correctly to make an informed decision-not just an emotional one? Where do you get your information from? Do you seek more information from somewhere other than facebook?
No matter how small the contribution, or job, all is helpful and needed. Be informed and understand what is going around you, and not what is just on the it out!
We cannot complain about our lives if we do not seek to make a change! It is up to us to shape our futures with the tools God gave us in our lives. Everyone of us have a gift from God to use in our lives-what will we do with it?
Just some thoughts as every time I changed the channel today I saw more on Haiti-it's all over twitter and facebook. I donated and hope it will help and pray that as many as possible will be pulled from rubble. I pray for the future of the Haitians as they have lost countless generations of families and that they can rebuild an already very poor country.
I am phone banking for a Senate race tomorrow in hopes that the person I feel will do the best work will be elected! (MA) A chance like this only come around every once in awhile, and I'm excited to be involved-right from my own home! I'm wanting to do what I can when I can. You don't have to be a big shot to make a change or help out, just someone who is willing.

Are you that one who is willing?

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Anonymous said...

Love it, sweet friend. Go girl. We're on the same page on so many levels.....I'm even trying to figure out how to do Avon Walk training walks w/ you (even tho' I'm registered to walk yet.) In any case, may we all bow before throne and seek His guidance and His will and His mighty glory to be known throughout the nations!

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