Sunday, November 21, 2010

Change is in the air...

Change is in the air once again.

The crisp Fall air in the morning, mild days in the afternoon, and chilly evenings. Gone are the days of summers warmth and barefoot children, and mindless days... Like all seasons Fall is ushering itself out and winter is starting to blow in some areas. Fall is probably my most favorite weather. All the colors come out, the chilliness of rain, and the smell of fires in the stove floating on the air; it just begs you to come and warm yourself with a book and coco...

Elections have come and gone now, and now there's new people coming to work on the Hill others are going to be shifting into other positions. People are already saying what's going to change and how different things will be. The Right will come in and save what the Left has done to destroy the Country. Those Independents will still be stuck in the middle to throw everything just off.

Like all good Americans do, I voted. I wondered that if we don't get what we wanted how would that affect me and would my voice still be heard? I know that elections are now over. However, I still hope that even though things will be changing, and that they will be hammering away at their messages, that each will reach out to the other side and work together for the betterment of the people and not their own agendas. We all know they have a hard time with that, but there's no reason why we can't respectfully disagree on things and still get something accomplished. Isn't that the first thing we teach our children? Play nice and get along with others. I hope it something they will remember going into a New Year. Something so basic yet so true. Obviously old school politics have gotten us no where. It is time for a change and that we still keep our voices heard and ask repeatedly, like we train our children, to get along and work together. Calling and screaming at them at how horrible they are isn't exactly right either, constructive, like with our children, will show how important it is to us and to everyone.The ads maybe over, and the Holidays are approaching, but Washington will once again be bustling and we will need to be active in our government. It's the greatest part about being American!

I am enjoying the new change of Seasons and the simple joys they bring! something about a fire on a drizzly day warms the soul. seeing children jump into a pile of leaves never gets old, and the crisp, clean air always seems to make my coffee taste that much better. Life is all about changes, we all have Seasons to go through. I hope that you are enjoying you Seasons of Life and look forward to the differences that you can make in others.

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