Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Christmas Season is here!

The Christmas Season is Here!!

I love the Holidays and all that it means and brings to the lives of others. The fact that it's about others and not you is the best part of all!

I know to many that some it's nothing more than a few days off and some gifts, and to others it means a whole celebration of life! I myself love to go all out and dec the whole house if possible. However this year now that I have finals of my own we are just getting our tree up and the Holiday Spirit is now beginning to flow! I made my first set of cookies and already sent some boxes and cards. We've yet to get snow, but I'm hoping that we will get a few flurries by Christmas. It is cold in the DC area, but not moist enough yet....

It is my wish that many will take time and get into the spirit of Christmas and enjoy the Holiday that is about others and the gift of giving. I know so many have gone without and it is amazing to think that is possible in America, but if you can do something for someone else and Pass it On! I gave the kiddos some money to put in the Red Bowel for the Salvation Army and their eyes lit up when they realized that might be helping someone else. They also want to give to the Toys for Tots, they were shocked to know that some children couldn't receive any gifts, thus waking them up about Santa, yet somehow they still have a twinkle in their eyes when they watch the Polar Express. Each year their Grandparents and Great Grandparents send them money for gifts and we go get them and wrap them up and tell them who they're from and I know they know that people sacrifice money for them to have presents. But Children still believe in Magic. Do we? Something I feel is forgotten at times.

This Christmas, do something for someone else other than you, and enjoy seeing the magic come to life!

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