Thursday, December 30, 2010

I think I'm going to survive Christmas!

I think I might survive Christmas!
The house is almost in order again, and I'm on my way to getting my work done. The kiddos have done non-stop wii and caught up on all cartoons they think they'll die without. It's also nice to see them teaching each other about different ways to when they're games and see who's car fly's off the race track first! I've also been educated in all things Ben 10, Barbie Horse Camp, and Avatar, the Last Airbender.....I think I'm all gamed out! I'm also bummed that my kiddos do better on wii skateboarding than, guess I'll have to step up my game! we are however emerging from the comma of Holiday Baking, games, and tv! It' finally warming up and the kiddos are now going outside-possibly being locked outside! I am looking forward to a schedule again, but love the relaxed version of me lately! Sometimes it's nice to veg! I think I might survive!

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