Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a New Year!!!

It's a New Year!

I have made a decision that with this New Year with Balance!

As of late I feel as if my blogging has been muddled with hurt, regrets, and a bunch of whining....
as it was good for me to be able to voice my feelings, it was also not a great read. I liken it to using an old typewriter, typing away frustrated, only to rip it out bunch up the paper throw it in a basket and start again.

This year I would like to start with a positive note; one that will not be muddled up with emotional ramblings.

I have children playing wii this morning, hubby making breakfast, me enjoying a good cup of tea. Life is good. This week we implement our rules of guidance, and start our new schedule, and have our first family meeting for the year. Laying out how we will be changing things up in the house, and we have been so frustrated, so the kiddos know where we're coming from. It's about honesty and respect, balance and harmony.

It's also about cleaning and homework today! yaya! 

So as we all go into the New Year, I hope it is a blessed on, where we can all find our selves without stepping onto each other, find harmony and balance, peace and joy....

Life is a gift, and we should live it to the fullest! Every day starts a new, something we should all be grateful for; no looking back, but pressing forward!


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