Sunday, September 2, 2007

Something for all to enjoy!

I could not for the life of me figure out why my hair was so greasy, I just washed it yesterday, and only put a tiny amount of mousse. I styled it today like any other day and used the same amount of product. Thinking that because I switched to this cheap new shampoo, that I would only then use it until the next payday and then replace it with the normal Biolage that I used. I will never again save money at the expense of my hair.Then this afternoon, while getting ready I looked at the bottle of shampoo sitting on my tub, in disgust, and picked it up to ready to see what exactly was in this compared to my Biolage; to my horror, I realized that instead of shampoo that I was holding, it was indeed conditioner. I then thought of how when my hair didn't feel quite clean yesterday, that I "shampooed" my hair twice, and then conditioned it like I normally do. I feel so wonderful as you might have guessed; I distinctly remembered looking at booth shampoo and conditioner, and was so careful not to get the wrong one. It goes to show, that even when you swear you did what you thought you did, that on occasion, one can indeed be wrong. Or the simple fact that even though I have this beautiful mocha brown hair, I am indeed still a Blondie! I guess I will be going to the store yet again, and have a very well stocked bathroom of conditioner! Please enjoy at my expense!!!

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