Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I have not Forgotten!!!

Ok, well, it's been awhile again-I know-I the who wants to write for a living should really keep up with this!
It's been a bit crazy here lately! We all went through the various versions of the flu-don't panic-we didn't get the H1N1, but from what I've heard it isn't the bad for adults-just gotta watch the little ones lungs. That lasted several weeks-I being glad I got out with but a head cold! Then it got around to the Holiday Season-and no shortage of drama there.
My Grandmother who hasn't been doing all that well did pass over the Thanksgiving Holiday. My mom and siblings were able to make it down while she was still recognizing people thankfully-and we were all able to say good-byes pretty well. It was sad, but life goes on, and she will be missed but we'll be able to see them again someday! So it was a different kind of Thanksgiving with everything going on-however with three little children running around-it was anything but sad and dull! So now we're back in VA trying to get back into our schedule and get James through his finals the next two weeks. I plan getting some pictures up soon! So good to be home and settling in for our first Christmas here! We even got snow! Made it feel really homier for us! Love to all!

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