Wednesday, February 3, 2010

9 years and counting...

9 Years and Counting...
We've made it to number 9! James and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary this Tuesday and let me say, it was quite nice. We really didn't do too much-just got lunch and brought home a cheesecake to share with the kiddos; I think Stryder also got a pieces as well! I had a migraine the night before, so it was nice just to sleep in and let him deal with the kiddos that morning! A late lunch at the Noodles in Manassas(excellent btw!), and then on to get the kiddos, dinner, homework, and bedtime! They however didn't fall asleep due to to snow falling outside and begging to go play in it! We enjoyed the new LOST and had a quiet night here at home.

We are however going to do the official celebrations at the end of the month! Instead of presents, we're going to Philly and we both get some much needed downtime! He is attending the Federalist Society's Student Symposium, and will be spending an afternoon at the spa! I will go with him for one night, and then the next day it'll just be some alone time. We both really haven't had a chance to do that- so it'll be nice! Then we'll take one more day to mill around Philly and see some Historical sights without little children; be very nice! The kiddos are thrilled to be staying the weekends with some friends who graciously said they'd be happy to take them. So we are very Much looking forward to it! We never really do Valentines because of it being so close to our Anniversary, so we just usually combine the two! He usually does some great planning, so I compromised , and we both get some time to decompress! I just hope the speakers are good-cause I'm getting a spa day while he listens to some speak- and because it's in the month of February-I get it half price!

In all seriousness, I am blessed. As much as we disagree and get on nerves, he truly is the one I would choose to spend the rest of my life with. Would we do things differently sure-but then would we have become who are if we did? Everything has a reason and I look forward to see where we go in the future. I like that we can disagree about issues and debate them, and him be ok with not being the be all to end all of my life. He enriches it and makes me a better person, but is only one part of my life. As many people have contributed to who I am, both positively and negatively, and to say that one person is my whole world would be a lie. He is my best friend, my lover, my confidant, my companion. He is one side of my life, and I am now ok with that. And oddly so is he! God has given me soo many people in my life, I can't wait to see how our lives grow from here. I'm no longer worried about who he spends his every moment with and is it's male or female; if my weight is a problem in our lives or is my paranoia is really in my head. I think I'm learning to trust again and our lives are so much better for it. Him being gone so much is hard on both of us, and mainly the children. But it amazes me how much more we want to be together because of it and how much more we appreciate what the other does in our daily lives. I no longer take him for granted and have learn to fix things on my own. He tries now more to help when he is able with the children and realized the other night how much patience it takes to makes sure a 5yr old does his homework correctly. I think we are a better team today than ever before. We don't live our lives by any one's definition of what a role of a man and woman is; simply because we don't live a "normal" life in anyway. Our kids think it's normal for parents to go to school and to work. They respect their father more than most children I know, and surprisingly don't resent him for being gone. Sure sometimes they are sad and ask him not to go, but they've become increasingly more supportive and more of a servant's heart towards him by trying to do little kind things. Example, I bought a book for our Anniversary and gave it to him early because it deals with being a 1 L. (First Law Student-more like a very long hazing or a right to passage) The kiddos, then wanted to by every book discussing a President, the Supreme Court, and anything dealing with Law. They were bringing books by the stacks to me. I really hope the stockers weren't too upset with me. :) Then, I got an inspirational bookmark for him, in the hopes that he would take 5-10 mins a day for himself to just read and remember he's not alone in a very comical way. My children, bless their hearts, then wanted to buy every card, bookmark, and chocolate, they saw standing in line! They're so giving when it comes to him and this just brought me to tears. As frustrated as we are with ourselves for being so inconstant lately and just coping with the move and law school, that it amazed me that even though what seems crazy and chaotic with me, they see as ok and normal. They don't resent us and actually love us for who we are. They take us one day at time and love us just the same. What great examples our children are of the Love that Christ has for us. I think my frustration comes from seeing a mirror image of myself in them and wanting to be a better parent than we were raised or am now. I am still growing and maturing and will have it all figured out when they have kiddos-then I can tell them everything they're doing wrong:) As children that had children, we've got a lot to go and have never regretted our 9 yrs together. And It is my hope and dream that we will learn and continue to grow together in the Lord and that we live our lives by the wisdom God has given us and the counsel he has set around us. I am amazed at the love my husband has for me; as I am quick to fly off the handle and am a free spirit that is restless at times and still figuring myself out. He has never been mean or judgmental, only loving and supportive. And since our I do's, we've become even greater friends and as for the lovers-that's none of your business!

As a side note, we just started a book after I had it in a devotional with our lower school principle. Like everything, you take what you can. I have not read the whole book yet, so I can not say about the whole book. But the concept; I love. If you're looking into having children, or if you already do, or you're just married, I highly recommend this book.
Shepherding A Child's Heart.
You can get it on Amazon too! I'm hoping that it will be beneficial in so many ways, and that we can gleam some wisdom on the approach we take in raising the children.

Love to all!

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