Saturday, February 6, 2010


I've never seen DC so empty! It's so beautiful here! Yes we have snow, we're up to a foot and half now and it's so beautiful! I'm hoping we get to go into DC this week and see everything covered in it! Maybe tomorrow we'll go sledding! The kiddos are enjoying going at different times and playing and sledding down our little hill! We braved the stores the night before the "big snow". We've been just chillin out and enjoyed the days off! We did have our lights flicker once or twice, but we still have it going! I'm amazed at how the media is freaking everyone out about how treacherous it is. I know not everyone is used to snow or handling it-but to create the sense of panic; it's just silly! If people just used common sense, everything would be good, however, they do not and now everyone was in a state of panic. Lines in Costco were from the front of the store to the back-to check out. Lines to even park before they opened. Seriously, if the power goes out, how do people expect to cook their food? It is coming down quickly and hard, however, nothing to get too worried over!
So we are going to enjoy it, look forward to going out! Praise God for our truck! So glad to have grown up in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest that we call home! So yes we're "snowed" in, but that won't keep us home!
At least they are working hard to keep the roads plowed and working round the clock! They get a good B+ for trying to keep the roads done:) We are very happy to have some days to relax and the kiddos to play!

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