Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's been awhile...

I know, I know, I've taken awhile to blog. I'm learning to balance all of this business of DC life, could stop using FB and TWITTER so much too!

The end of February was good for us and was a great time of relaxing too. We were able to get some much needed time away from the kiddos when some new friends agreed to keep the kiddos for us. We attended the Federalists Society Symposium at the University of Penn Law School. It was a lot of fun for James. Some interesting moments for me; I enjoyed meeting Bill Kristol of the Weekly standard and appreciated the advice he gave! He was nice and stood for lots of photo opps! I'm also learning I'm not as Conservative as I think about some issues, and then very on others. I'm a good mix, guess Libertarian. I look forward to discovering and thinking more about these things when I start school in the fall. I'm already watching C-Span with my hubby in between bball! Philly was awesome and we had a good time there and I already figured out the subway and walking around! I am a true city kid and loved it! Isn't the prettiest-but is good for stopping and seeing the sights; and of course a great cheesestake! Didn't make it to Geno's-but made to Jim's on 4th and South-only waited about 25 mins in line-inside! It was amazing and will always get whiz now!

We did laugh when we had down time and came back from to the hotel instead of being romantic, we collapsed in the bed and tried to check up on sleep! LOL! What has become of us! It felt amazing though just to relax and be together without thinking, talking, or doing anything. It's an all together different way of enjoying each other and that sometimes doing nothing is the best kind of vacation! The kiddos were very excited about staying with friends while we were gone and didn't want to come home! I love that God has blessed us with people that is willing to help each other out!

I will post more later, but just letting you know I havn't forgotten and will put pics up soon!


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