Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh my goodness! I am the worst blogger ever!

Ok, so my love affair with twitter and FB has taken hold of me; and I cannot give them up.

Well, we had a wonderful start to spring so far. It got unusually warm and we enjoyed so very warm weather here on the East Coast, only for me to be unburned the first day back out in the yard this spring. I have learned I am getting to old for this, and that while I would love to be a golden tan color, it is not worth it. Another thing I learned was that mother always knows best, and I should follow her advice the first time, instead going through pain for 3 days. Just so you know, pouring vinegar over a sunburn helps relieve the pain and tightness; please do so in a highly ventilated room!

James' family also came for a visit during the Cherry Blossom Festival and we had a good time showing them around DC and doing all the touristy things. They managed to survive DC traffic and enjoyed the time with the Grandkids. The children loved also having their Aunt and Uncle here and showing everyone how to play wii!

James is now working as a server at a restaurant here in Woodbridge with walking distance to the house. It is nice to be able to have close in the day. It just didn't work out with his place in the city and it was ran poorly in ways, so it has worked out for the best. He is more relaxed and able to wear shorts in the hot summer now! It also makes possible for him to see the kiddos a for a bit before going off to school and he gets also much needed study time here in the quite after everyone is gone in the morning!

I also started as a consultant for The Pampered Chef and I am excited to see where this leads! I still am seeking to transfer to George Mason in the fall and cannot wait to get back into school. I am ready to continue on in this journey of my life! I feel because we jumped into our family so quickly we both made sacrifices in our personal lives to take care of our little ones. I love our life and we wouldn't be us if we hadn't gone down the roads that led us here, but I am looking forward to this and having some fun and a much needed break. I am also enjoying the idea of discovering how I feel on so many different issues and studying it out for myself! James has been such a support in this and I am blessed to have such a great guy!

The children are growing faster than I can keep up and are having many different adventures along the way! Everyday they bring a new frog or worm or something they find in the yard! They love seeking out new little critters and I love them too-outside-not loose in my house as one little lizard discovered-not to mention Stryder trys to eat them. I really do believe we have Marley's black brother living with us! He has eaten everything-and still keeps on going! The kiddos also just did their Spring Concert at school, and they were great of course! It was a joy to see them do so well after so much work! I can't wait til they get older and do drama! They have so much talent and seem so at ease to explore it-I am a proud mama:)

We are in a new stage of our lives here, and verses in Ecc. talk about a time and season for our lives; it is so true and I learn daily that everyone is in a different season of their lives. I am grateful for the chance for us to be able to discover what is important to us and our family as we grow and seek out new directions in our lives! People change and it is natural to grow, and I only hope we grow in away that creates the environment for our children to laugh and love and to think for themselves and watch out for others. God as given us the blessing to be our family! So we are going along here in VA quite well and praying my husband gets a "real" job as we say. The kiddos growing and ever changing and we dreaming and growing in our own lives. It is my hope that people do not forget how to dream and that seek out every opportunity and make the best of their situations.


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