Sunday, May 23, 2010

Night Shifts!!

Hello Dear Friends and Family,
It has been a few weeks. Since Mother's Day, I have been as busy as ever! My Mom came and went buy Mother's Day, but it was fun and the kiddos are now expecting to someone from out of town now all the time! First James' family, then my mother, then we got a few minutes with some friends from Spokane in bringing the Sr's on their trip from Faith. It was a busy spring for us.
I am now working the night shift at Target. It has taken some getting used to sense I am now finding myself awake in the early morning hours and unable to sleep on my days off. It has been an adjustment trying to balance everything but it is a paycheck and will get us through the summer; prayerfully James will be getting a good job soon. We are college students to the fullest. However I do believe it would have been easier to do this without kiddos. I do think they will appreciate knowing how hard we are working to provide for them and know that they can make wise choices as well in life. I don't want them to grow up thinking they are entitled to anything and everything they want when they want it. I of course love doing things for them and spoiling, when the time is right. My husband is particularly prone to spoiling our daughter, but that's how it should be!
On another note, I did get accepted into NOVA here in VA. It is not Mason as I wanted, but there is a reason and I have gotten over the sting. I am looking forward to starting this fall and will be calling the advisers this week to get all set up with the things I need to do. James finished his finals this month and is now going to be an L2 this fall at GTown Law. I am proud, and feel however as if he got cheated out of his first year of Law School. We knew it would be difficult, but I didn't expect him to sacrifice so much between working and school. I have been looking since the fall and just got hired. It is my prayer that he will get a job soon and that he can focus more on his studies as I know it is killing him not to be an A student this year-that is so not him. He did good, but he is a scholar, not one who just gets by. We are however getting by, and learning how to do what we need to do and looking forward to when we will be out of the storminess of this time. I have no doubt we will be stronger and closer because of it, sometimes it just sees so much to bare. There are lessons however we have learned because of it and for me more of a trust exercise than anything.
We have been learning other things along the way, how we want to do things and how we shouldn't have and led things. We have been learning to parent more lovingly and tenderly and realized that they don't always need marching orders just because we have them. It is ok for them to be children and many times some simple guidance goes a lo further than a punishment. Since showing them we are learning to practice the same things they are they have been sweeter, however I do think the boys still enjoy giving poor Meg a hard time-why must brothers bother their sisters?? I do think she gets them back in here own way sometimes:) If for no other reason of going through trials we are growing and learning what not to do, and it is my hope that I can still sculpt and teach these little hearts. Parents don't have to be so far above their children, just guide them and love them. After 9 years of having children, I know I know nothing and am learning more from them.
Target is going well and I will adjust and the paycheck isn't bad-not great, but not bad. I look forward to getting to know the people more and have already learned so much by watching some. There will always be those ones....I think however it is just a summer job. I was told they'll probably ask me to stay on, but I will cross that when we come to it. I don't know if I can juggle school, kids in school, and James in school and working, then working on all that. It is providing now and I am grateful for that!
So here is the latest on us, hope all is going well with you and yours!

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