Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Baby Blues kinda day.....

If this wasn't so close to reality today I'd probably cry! However, it wasn't the children running late today, it was I.

I decided that since I only had one class today, I would go back to sleep after getting everyone up and let Daddy get everyone off to school. First mistake.

6:50 am : Jack Diamond Morning Show greats me. Potty, then stumble to the kitchen to make snacks.

7:15 am: Wake Hubby, inform him he is getting everyone out, get kiddos up.

7 something: let him know I forgot to put clothes in dryer for children, Ethan still in the shower.

7 something later: ask again about kiddos, Hubby mutters something, sets alarm for me, dose off.

8 something: kiddos, is Ethan still in the Shower?? Kiddos run to bus stop, Hubby says something-I'm out.

9:30: alarm goes off...again jack Diamond Morning Show greets me. I lay there thinking I should do this, this, and this...afternoon schedule pops in head...feeling somewhat relaxed-blackout.....

10 something: wake up feeling incredibly relaxed! Potty, stumbles down to get coffee, looks at nails, thinks one more coat would be beautiful....

10:30: wet nails, carefully turning on computer and checking FB, looked at clock...oh crap!!!! It's not 9 something like I thought, it's actually 10 something!! Class 11 am!!!!! Panic, wet nails, run blow dry them enough to dress, found some jeans crumpled on the floor, check! Comb hair, realize no hope since I washed it last night-giant poof head-can't find my hat!!! Not good-it's too short for a pony, too long for bed head!! downstairs, need a shirt, found I think it's mine, but cold be my sons, I'll go with it. It's mine-bra, need a bra, can't find it-under the bed??? Did we? Yoga?? Really?? I don't remember-oh well.....Maybe one day...Socks...why is it none of them are suddenly matching in an entire drawer full???? One brown, one white, both feel the same, so I guess it's cool, kind matches my orange shirt...I have boot cut jeans anyways...Did I brush teeth? One mouth wash just in, and oh boy, good thing I'm not picking a guy up in class...this barn really could use some paint! Deo...I know it's here it up, crumbles into pieces....great, at least I shop in twos I know I have another least I know Hubby always comes in two back, but Old Spice Sport really isn't for me...Found my extra one, actually where all the extra stuff should be-actually put away-who knew? Perfume, cause well. run and the slide down the stairs amazingly not twisting my ankle! Yaya, my converse sneaker-slip on, hat? Where's it hiding now?? Bag check, notebook, pen, writer's manual check, book, where's the bloody book??? Great! Ions later....blast the bloody book was in the bag the whole freakin time!!!! Sweatshirt, check, my HAT!!!!!!!!!!! Under the sweatshirt on the the living room.....keys....on the floor next to the hat....was I drunk last night????
Run to truck, who needs a new engine dropped as soon as taxes get back. Not turning over....blast, begging with it, please babe, mommy still loves you.....Yaya, it starts, speeds out of burbuia like a mad hatter literally, speeds through every light praying (even though I'm agnostic, weird, I know) that I don't get a ticket; can't afford it,  but I can't miss class!!!! Make good time, then have to go up a hill, again petting the suburban, begging it to please help Mommy to get to class-what has become of me that I speak to a truck as if it's my kid-not to self-get a life. Note to self-as soon as taxes get back, no engine for my baby-again  talking to the truck. Speed onto campus, get the very last spot in back, and run to class. Bitter-sweet since I've planned on parking in back for walking purposes, but not when running late. Great, people hanging-out outside of door-blast I missed class! Peek in teach is still there-start to walk up and notice someone sitting from Tuesday. So, I plop down, and discretely ask-which class is this? Girl looks at me and informs me of it- I didn't miss it! Look at clock on the wall-(Blackberry died, only used for emergency calls, battery dead on watch, didn't trust clock in room, didn't set clock on radio radio played straight music..) 10 mins to burn!!!!!
Yaya, I made it. Looked down at self. Oh dear, mismatched socks, smugged nails, strays hanging out of hat, and frumpy hoody, can't get any better than this-what am I in High School??

11 am: class started and had a great morning!

Afternoon something: cleaning room and house today-no school till Tuesday!

It was a BABY BLUES kind of day for me!

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