Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ok so after my last post, I couldn't take it anymore. Clutter took over since before Christmas. For those who truly know me, you will know this is something I have struggled with for years. When we moved here to VA, we have a much larger home and more space to store things properly. I have to say we have done pretty well, and most days I would not be embarrassed to have someone drop by.

I got everything organized in our room and the office before Christmas knowing we have school immediately following. What I didn't expect was that I would spend most all of my "break" doing make up work from getting behind over the beginning of the Semester. Yes, alot of events happened, and it really through me off, but I wonder too, if I hadn't procrastinated how much more I would have enjoyed the Holidays had I not been doing homework. (I will say that I have learned that the learning style of do it on your own/distance learning, is so not for me) This meant the children spent ALOT of time with the wii, and tv. Also meant chores not getting done regularly, so when I wasn't working on homework, I was working on the home...We didn't do many of our "traditions" because I simply didn't have the time...which also meant our room became the catch all for everything, James' office also had this happen. So when I started back to class, I was a bit crazy when I couldn't find, keys, hats, even clean clothes...not acceptable for someone of my age, with children. It became too much, and reminded me of years before of the lifestyle I hated. I promised myself I would never live that way again, and this year is a turning point for us, no more old bad habits, but balance and harmony. I cannot tell the number of stupid arguments this has caused....just because we didn't have feeling a peace within our home. 

So I spent hours in my room yesterday, and have gotten everything back to where it should be. I cannot tell you how much more rested I felt today. I didn't have to side step anything, look for clean clothes, or worry about my door being shut...I felt so hypocritical for making my kiddos clean their room, yet I was too busy to do my own? I want to be able to read from my chair and have bedtime stories, but how can if I couldn't even sit down. And "YOGA?" Heck, I can't tell you the last time we had that! Clutter affects every aspect of your life. Not good for any one's relationship.

So, along with our rules of guidance, we also made several schedules; laundry, daily, and a menu for the week right next to their balance sheet for their piggy banks. It is all on a bulletin board for everyone to see, everyone pulls their weight in the home. Not just Mom anymore getting overwhelmed. The kiddos are thrilled, because when they finish a chore they put a sticker on to show their work. It has helped my time management, seeing as I have no understanding of time-this makes me pay attention. We are slowly going through room by room getting organized. Next will be my file cabinet here in my room, then kitchen, then laundry room, and so on. I'm taking it one day at a time and hope that it will be a habit before too long.  

I hope that this helps you in some way, procrastination and clutter will not help anybody. I'm not wanting to be a "neat freak" but I do want my home to feel warm and inviting, a place to relax after a crazy day. Where my children feel safe and loved. It hasn't been that way for years. Now it can be, and so can you. It's a New Year, anything is possible! I highly recommend researching this lady; Hellen Buttigieg. She is a Canadian Author, and Professional Organizer. She has helped me so much. She had a show called Neat on for awhile, not sure if it still is. It helped learn what kind of learner I am, and what best suits me. It's real advice using what you have at home-something a college student appreciates, something we all can appreciate. Find her on twittr or Fb-she finds amazing articles, or posts herself-something to check-out!!!

~Balance and Harmony~


Anonymous said...

I think it is odd to have rifles on the wall in the bedroom. Don't you have to have them locked up? I hope there are no bullets around where the kids can get to them.

Leslie said...

It is an odd place for rifle, but the only location we felt best for them. My children have grown up around them as I have and know how to use them safely, and have shot them. Thus,seeing first hand what can happen if you get in the way of a bullet. (us with them of course-while camping) It is here forhunting and our protection, heaven forbid we need it for that purpose. It's also in our room and they are not allowed to enter without permission, and usually are only in quickly enough to retreive something or put something away for me if I am elsewhere.We don't keep it loaded, but the clip is always ready for an emergancy. Its just there- like a table, or a lamp, or cleaning solutions, or anything. We try to educate our children in all things that we do, have or keep around. I appreciate the question!

j said...

You have inspired me to keep working on tossing my clutter
-seeing other people be successful at organizing really helps- great job!

Leslie said...

So glad to hear it J! When I learned about purging, I have to admit I was scared that I would loose some memory-but the memories have not faded-and de-cluttering has imporved my overall well being-so great job to you too for not giving up!

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