Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love and Dedication~

Where to start? I have so much to say, and so little time or room!

Well tis the season of loving! It is the month of love, and it happens to be the month of my 10th wedding anniversary. Is it horrible to say I am just as surprised and impressed as you are that we made it as you are?! I am amazed and truly did not think we would make it, but we did! I am so grateful for the husband that I have and am so privileged to be married to my best friend! It’s not always been a bed of roses, but we are determined to work together to meet not only our own needs, but each other’s as well. We didn’t plan our family, but have been blessed incredibly despite us! I look forward to what the future holds for us and where our next adventure comes from!

With Valentine’s Day coming Monday, we celebrated early by having a dinner and treats tonight with our family! It was very “untraditional” but so us! We did have a pasta dinner, and chocolates, and I got some pretty roses! However, James is working Doubles tomorrow and has class late Monday! So we had it together tonight! The kiddos picked out a cute doggy that looks like Stryder for Daddy, and they each got their own box of chocolates from Daddy! It was very nice! We don’t usually do VDay up because we have our Anniversary a few weeks before. So I don’t mind staying home and having things at home with kiddos or having someone else’s kiddos here! I got very spoiled so I don’t mind sharing the day with others!

I have been very blessed this year, not only did I get flowers two weeks in a row, but I have been taken care of very well the last two weeks while sick with the flu. I haven’t taken my own advice, and instead of speaking peace and harmony, I got stressed, and my body shut done when I came into contact with my sons touch of flu. He had it for two days; I had it for two weeks. James however made sure I had everything I needed, and manage to get all the laundry done, and keep the house somewhat cleaned up. The kiddos didn’t even eat pizza every night, that’s impressive! So I have learned my lesson in taking care of myself, but also have taken great joy in knowing that it wasn’t in the gifts this year I appreciate the most, it was in the many small things he took care of for me while I was out! He always encourages me, and even sleeps on the ikea futon without complaint! Most guys wouldn’t consider sleeping anywhere but “his” bed-not here, it’s my bed, and he’s blessed to be in it! JK! But I have been blessed in more ways than one this month.

It is my hope that you yourself will be blessed with love and dedication. I know I have!


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